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ANNAEFFE is a family business that firmly believes in the value of products made exclusively in Italy.

The label was founded on the creativity of Anna Freducci, whose passion drives the people around her, making them feel like a vital part of the company’s projects and objectives.

The label’s strengths stem from constant research into quality raw materials, new trends and knowing how to interpret the tastes of potential customers.


Anna Freducci started out her professional career in the 1970s with Alberta Ferretti, when the label was not yet well known. From there her inspiration grew and she felt the need to express her talent, so in 1995 she turned to design, collaborating with several companies.

Mastery of her work and strong creative skills led Anna to put her name out into the world in the 2000s, when she founded what is today the ANNAEFFE label.


ANNAEFFE focuses on selecting top quality fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, natural viscose, precious wools and cashmeres.

These materials are the starting point for ANNAEFFE creations, which feature buckle, glitter and sequin appliqué – never predictable and always in line with current trends.

It is a unique and innovative product, suitable for all women looking for a casual chic style.


Starting in 2015, ANNAEFFE is also developing a mini capsule dedicated entirely to children, sharing ideas and trends from the women’s line with girls. These t-shirts and sweatshirts are available to order.

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